Infrastructure and Service Enhancements Update

Host Servers
Several new HP Proliant servers have been installed and are in the process of being configured with numerous new Windows 2008 and 2012 virtualized servers.  Our capacity has increased 10 fold in the past two weeks and virtual machine instances are available in nearly any configuration for Windows, Linux or custom virtual appliances.

Billing and Control

The previous version of the WHMCS control panel has been upgraded to the latest version and is still being configured to make adjustments to customer accounts and billing statements.  New statements will not be sent until all credits and adjustments have been completed.  You may still review your account settings by logging into WHMCS.

The previous Helm control panel has been retired due to no more available support from the vendor.  A new WebsitePanel system is being installed and should be available by February 1.  The new control panel is much more feature rich than Helm and will add several new site management functions that will provide even greater control over your website settings and features.

Email Servers
The mail servers have been replaced and upgraded from SmarterMail Version 5.5 to Enterprise Version 12.  Due to some additional anomalies found in version 12, we will be upgrading to Version 14 over the next several hours.  We will try to make this as painless as possible.

As the mailboxes were being recovered and restored, we noticed two primary things had occurred that you should be aware of.

1. Passwords did not get set properly and
2. Folders do not appear in the same locations as before or do not display.

All the mail is working but if you are seeing a login failure, we simply need to reset your password.  If you are noticing that your custom folders are not showing, we just need to relocate them for you so they appear in your folder list. Either email us or simply text us using the information below.



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